the first in this year's parade of baby quilts

summer chevron

I think the herringbone design has become my go-to baby quilt pattern when I need to make something for friends but find myself overthinking what to make and under a deadline (the baby's due date). It's a no-brainer. And it's fun, clean, modern-looking, and easily integrates into most nurseries. I know these particular friends are designers (furniture and graphic design, specifically) who lean toward a more modern aesthetic. I'm pretty sure this will fit right into their home and hopefully be much used and loved.

detail on the summer chevron

Also, talk about getting in just under the wire - their beautiful baby boy was born just a couple of days after Matt delivered the quilt to them.

corners on summer chevron

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Seanna Lea said...

This is lovely. I am hoping to make my first baby quilt this year, but I need to get off my butt and do the cutting, by far my hardest part!