pattern now available!

My Modern Drunkards Path pattern is now available at my etsy shop! Wheeeeee!

A couple of exciting things to share today:

Check it out, and please do let me know what you think - of the process, the pattern, the quilt, quilting in general, whatever "leaning in" is....


Sigrun said...

Love this quilt & pattern! And now I can make my own - thanks so much! :D

Jeni said...

Hi There,
I started a quilt like this awhile back and got frustrated so I bought your pattern for clarification. My question is about squaring things up... You say to make things "nice and neat" but is there a particular size I should be aiming for? 6inches? Just curious how you approach that step. Maybe I need more practice, but my blocks are rather, um, irregular! Haha.