wip wednesday - sorting out the pieces

Bagging pieces for my x+ blocks.

My work area is completely chaotic at the moment. Maybe that's because I am working on 8 different things at once. At least it's happy chaos, but still.... As can be expected in such a jumble of fabric and paper and stuff, pieces get lost. Pieces I had just cut and just put down in just the right place because I would totally remember I put them there. Only I didn't remember, and they disappeared in the shuffle. So I'm now doing what I used to do with softie parts when I worked them all assembly-line steelo - I'm bagging the pieces for individual blocks as I cut and arrange them. It's a little anal, but it might save me some sanity. Heh.


Elisa said...

You know how you have one of those moments when you realize 1+1=1 (e.g. you on instagram + knotty bits = you). Yeah I'm smart like that. And I accidentally stopped following you on IG then immediately asked to follow again (sheesh) because despite my appearance of intellect sometimes I do stupid things.

Anyway. Just thought I'd share. Have a great day.

Ilix said...

That seems very organized! I like it. Happy stitching.