How are you? Things are great here. I'm busy and (dare I say it for fear of tempting fate?) happy. Just poking in here to share some quick peeks at stuff I've been working on for upcoming classes. First, there's this Union Jack pillow:

union jack pillow

Next up, I whipped up a herringbone quilt top using some awesome Halloween themed prints by Lizzy House from her new line, Guising:

herringbone quilt

This soon-to-be quilt checks two items off my "quilts to make" list - a herringbone quilt and a Halloween quilt. I am super-eager to quilt this one because I have some ideas I want to play with in terms of the quilting itself.

I'm still in the process of binding the pile o'quilts that have accumulated on my shelves, but I think in the next week I will have them finished. Or at least, that's my goal, and I'm trying to stick to it.


Seanna Lea said...

Very cute. I love the herringbone top.

Geri said...

I LOVE the Union Jack pillow! You selected great fabrics!

Kelly said...

Wow!1 Your herringbone quilt is seriously AMAZING!! Love it xxx

Elisabeth Woo said...

Wow, I love the Halloween chevron quilt! :) I saw the numbers quilt you posted to Flickr, are you going to write a tutorial or a pattern? I'd love to try it!