spring sewing

easy peasy log cabin pillow

I've been whipping up stuff for future classes at gather here. If there's one important thing I've learned about writing up patterns for class it's that I should always test the patterns out as I write them. So there's been a lot of that - sewing and writing and more sewing and learning InDesign as I go. I'm more than a little in love with InDesign. I am in deep deep love with it.
So this sampler... I'm picking out traditional blocks that will both teach people the basics of patchworks and also kinda "tell a story" as it goes. So far, I have 7 blocks down, maybe 5 more to go. I'd like to do more, truth be told, but we'll see how that goes....

gather here sampler


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Love the pillow and the idea of block /sampler classes. I LOVE your written patterns!! The binding guide was awesome--just referred to it today! :)