bunting on the brain

bunting quilt for my wee toddler

I cut and pieced the triangles for this quilt about a year ago when I had bunting on the brain and bad. I finally got around to finishing it last week. And just in time for my wee's transition into toddlerhood! At 43 1/2 x 53 1/2 inches, this quilt is the perfect size for what will soon become his little toddler bed. I always have to laugh at myself when a project languishes in WIP mode forever and then I'm able to finish it in one go. Why didn't I get around to it sooner? It feels like a bit of a relief to be able to cross that off the list of stuff to do. AND not only do I get the satisfaction of that, but lo! We have a finished quilt! And I rather like it:

bunting quilt for my wee toddler

For the back, I kept it simple with a super-soft flannel from Cloud 9. I'm not normally one to tout the wonders of organic whathaveyou, but seriously, this organic cotton is lovely stuff. Once washed, it softened up into the most buttery and delightful fabric without any fuzzing as sometimes happens with other flannels. And the print! How cute is this?

bunting quilt for my wee toddler

You also get a peek at the pieced binding in that shot. It was super-easy to chain-piece the 8-inch lengths together in alternating prints, though I did run out at the end and had to use a long length of the teal TaDot. Eep!

I debated whether or not to piece the strips of triangles together at odd angles to make it look like bunting draped here and there, but in the end went with parallel strips with descending distances between them. That structure was more in line with the crisp, ordered, modern look I wanted to achieve. Besides, when it's in use it kinda does that haphazard waving and draping, like flags flapping in the wind, on its own:

bunting quilt for my wee toddler

The kiddo certainly took to snuggling and snoozing in this right away. I think he likes it.


Haley said...

this turned out great! how wonderful! between you and julie, i am tempted to quilt.

Nicole Trager said...

I love this quilt so much. I was wondering if this is appliqued or Pieced. Also did you do this from scratch or did you have a pattern. I would love to recreate this but am a complete beginner and cannot pick apart this from sight. Do you have a tutorial. As much info would be awesome. Thanks!