sometimes it's a flop

And boy, what a flop! A flippity-floppity-flim-flam-flop. I'm not listing the details for this because later tonight I am frogging the hell out of it. I actually finished this monstrosity late last year and have been meaning to blog about it, but you know, what can you say about a project that's best described as an asshat? I wanted to make a slouchy hat like this one at the purl bee. The thing I failed to take into account is that their hat is textured. I did straight up stockinette for mine which means I should have done the maths to make it fit a little less loosely. But it's just a hat, and I was too lazy to do the maths for it. Now, it is eating my head. That's what I get for not doing something as simple as making 1 stitch every 12 stitches instead of every 6. (See? Math is not hard - I'm just lazy.) Derf!

It doesn't look too bad from the back, though. It's just the front, where I look like the Purple Pie-Man, that's a problem. Even when I wear it "normally," it's a bit much. Sooooooooooo, you think I have enough yardage in there for a baby sweater? Maybe a baby vest? We'll see.... This yarn is begging to be something else.


grumperina said...

So the shape wasn't so great... but how gorgeous is that yarn?!? Love it! The reincarnation as something else will be fab.

GoodGolly said...

This may be a stupid question, but how did you get the top like that?