oooooh my marlene

my marlene!

pattern: Marlene, from Knit1, Winter 2008
designer: Cookie A.
yarn: Madeline Tosh sock in "Wash"
needles: Addi Turbos #2 (3mm - ETA: slightly larger than a US#2)

What can I say about this that I haven't already said? I love Cookie A. This is a brilliant design and a quick'n'easy knit. And I love working with the MadTosh. It is the perfect density, knitting up into a fabulously squishy and delightful sock. These might be my favorite pair of socks yet! (But you know, I always say that about every pair I knit - this time I mean it, I swear!) I will say that I am glad I went one needle size larger (ETA: not one whole size actually - just slightly larger at 3mm instead of 2.75mm) than the recommended because the pattern is not as stretchy as one would imagine; those center stitches really pull it in, if that makes any sense (I am having one of those days where I feel like I am not making much sense when I speak or type, inarticulate at best - like I come from another planet at worst). Anyhootle, I loved knitting these.

Hope everyone going to MDS&W has a super-awsesome time and that those folks who can't make it have a fantastic weekend, too.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty! Love that color. But if you used a US size 2 needle then you did use the recommended size needle for the pattern.

maritza said...

@Anonymous - Oh! You're right. Derf! I should correct that to specify that since I used Addis I was actually not using a US#2. Thanks for the heads up!