this does not appear to be knitting


The other night I decided to combine a certain person's doodlings that runneth over our coffee table (that runneth over almost every surface of our home, actually) with my itchin' to get stitchin' because I thought, hey, it might be fun. I handed said person a soluble marker and a freshly ironed piece of canvas and said, "Get to it!" The resulting piece is a butchery of a simple split-stitch, but you know, a lot of fun nevertheless. I'm just warming up, and this was the perfect piece for practicing, just a nice simple outline, a.k.a. a hollow. The next project is already lined up and promises to be more challenging; I can't wait to dig in! I tried to choose the same or at least a similar palette for it as this person would choose if they were doing this as "a piece."

Also, last night, when I was looking through different embroidery blogs (because never let it be said that I am not obsessive) I came across this post on this awesome blog, feeling stitchy. I have a ton of thoughts about the points raised because it's something I actually think about a lot, but I think I'll write about that once I finish the next project.


tiennie said...

This is very cool the way you combined the art of both of you!

Christy said...

It does appear to be some cool ass embroidery, though.

Kristin said...

Hooray! I have decided to try embroidery, too, but I'm easing in with an unfinished cross-stitch. Your split stitch looks lovely.