wip wednesday - thoughts on the x+ project

xplusalong progress (19)

• I love making these so much, I wish I had a whole day to do nothing but make these.
• 19 down and maybe 81 more to go. I say maybe because there's a chance I might decide to make less. Either a) I will grow to no longer love making these once I near my goal because damn that's a lot of blocks to make or b) I will grow impatient and just want a finished quilt - want it NOW NOW NOW! and will decide to just give it a 10 inch border just to get it done and on my bed.
• I'm glad I'm making them 7.5 inches finished as per badskirt amy's tutorial. There's something lovely about smaller blocks, though that means you have to make more of them. 
• I think I need to make some of my triangles using dark fabrics and some of my + signs with brighter ones just to ultimately give the top more movement and balance.
• I am seriously in love with a couple of these blocks. I'm glad I added some recent fat quarter acquisitions to the mix as originally I wanted to stick a "scrap only" policy. I still would like to use mainly scraps and recycled fabrics from old shirts but am now ok supplementing with stash here and there. Really, one of the reasons I'm so gaga over this project is because I would love to use up every last scrap I have. I hate throwing away/wasting scraps, and this seems like the perfect scrap-sucker.
• I love the "organized chaos" inherent in this top. I mean, sure, you can plan it out and stick to specific colors/fabric for each piece of the blocks, make them uniform and what have you. But I'm just going with the flow with this, as a lot of the other x+alongers are doing. Funny how that almost chaotic quality is what bugged me with the scrappy trip around the world blocks. However, with this, it just works better for me. I guess it just seems/feels more organic? 
• I love how everyone's blocks seem uniquely theirs. I'm thoroughly enjoying watching everyone's progress via Instagram.

Off I go to sew a few more. Hoping that next time I post about this, I will be much closer to my goal. If I make 20 a week, it'll just take me another month, right?


cauchy09 said...

i love seeing this sort of scrappiness going on. a great block. and your quilt will be amazing. go go go!

Seanna Lea said...

That is a ton of blocks. How long does it take you to make a block or are you kind of assembly line-ing them and making a slew of them at a time?

Melissa said...

I could stare at these blocks forever!