oldie but a goodie

triangles at sunset

This triangle quilt has been finished for months, so I thought I would finally write a bit about it. I've been obsessed with triangle quilts since I watched Sleepy Hollow (yes, that Sleepy Hollow). There's that one scene with Johnny Depp's character in bed draped with a stunning neutral & scraps quilt - I was smitten. I had been hoarding some Anna Maria Horner Folksy Flannels with the intention of making a quilt for Dahlia and thought triangles would be perfect for it. Or it would be perfect for triangles, as proven with Kelly's lovely flying geese.


It was super-easy sewing, and really I think I finished the top in a couple of sessions. I made a template for the triangles since I wasn't doing straight up 60ยบ angles (equilateral triangles). I wish I knew where I put it because I realize now that this is the same degree of angle/size triangle one would use for a kaleidoscope quilt, and I reallyreallyreally want to make one of those by the end of the year.

rounded corners

Since everything about this quilt was so far so angular, I decided to give it rounded corners to kind of soften it up (heh, it's funny because it's flannel). I used this excellent tutorial from a quilt is nice, and it was SO incredibly easy. I also love the results to bits and pieces! I almost want to make all my quilts with rounded corners because they're so pretty. That's saying a lot considering how much I love the look of mitered corners. Anyway, on to the next quilt.... I have a stack of quilts waiting to be bound, washed, photographed, blogged, and hugged.


Anonymous said...

This one is lovely! The colours definitely suit the triangles perfectly... and I always love a nice rounded edge!

Seanna Lea said...

Beautiful. My eyes keep trying to find a pattern in the overall, and if there is one it is incredibly subtle. I love that!