of bees and turkeys

Busy bees! Three more like this in the hive.

Solidifying our reputation as "those people," we now have bees! Matt and I have talked about this for years and have been cultivating a bee garden for a while now. As usual, I've been the cynical one and had my doubts about this endeavor, especially after a failed attempt at urban bee-keeping in NY about 13 years ago, but Matt won me over with all his research and the bee-keeping classes he took (and the Epi-pens we have stashed just in case). I'm so excited about this now! And I cannot believe how busy these little guys have been - that comb in the photo is just one of four panels they've produced since Saturday.

And this guy has been hanging around our backyard for a little over 3 weeks now. We've named him Gobbles, and we're hoping he hangs around until November. Heh.


Oh, Spring! So far it's been glorious!



Greeley said...

I love everything about this post--especially Mal looking so happy and spry!

Julia said...

I think you guys are awesome people! Also, GOBBLES.

Seanna Lea said...

We had about 6 turkeys in our yard last year. I think Victor must have been too exuberant (or there wasn't enough to interest them), because they've been roaming all of Quincy.

I'd love to keep bees. I'm not sure it is allowed in Quincy.