in which I start a new photo project - color (1/100)

1/100 - color (100 days of inspiration)

As soon as the new year arrives, everyone starts with their 365 photo projects. From a self-portrait a day to a photo with a different theme each day as dictated by different photo sites/groups, it's interesting to see what people come up with when they decide to take a photo a day. I've tried to do a 365 project a couple of times but always ended up bailing midway through out of sheer laziness. Maybe something with a shorter time-frame might work better for me with my short-attention span. As I've been enjoying my friends' 365 projects on Instagram, I've been toying with the idea of joining, but.... It's already February, and again, I would want to do something that requires a lower level of commitment. So I've decided to do "100 days of inspiration," in which I take a photo a day of something around me that inspires me or influences/informs my work. Yeah, I know, the idea itself is not very "inspired," but I'm hoping that doing this will help keep me focused, motivated, and engaged for the next 100 days or so.

I'm starting today with the most basic form of inspiration around me - color. Can't get enough of it! With that, I start cutting pieces for The Colorist. And, uh, I may also be simultaneously cutting pieces for a different project, but more on that one later.


Karina said...

What a great idea! 100 days seems like a much more reasonable goal! :)

Seanna Lea said...

I've thought about trying something like the 365, so I would practice photography. Unfortunately, the idea of a self portrait is pretty much right out!