thursday - a day late (but not a buck short)

full shot of chevrons 2 electric boogaloo

This rainbow-y chevron quilt was my demo for the class at gather here. I whipped up the top itself in a couple of hours because really this entails SUCH an easy method of construction. It took me forever to get around to quilting & binding it, however. The quilting itself is very simple, even less complicated than the prototype since I only quilted each row once (on one side of the seam) as opposed to two times as I did with the prototype.

detail of the quilting

To further expedite the process, I machine-bound this one as well, again using 3-inch strips instead of my normal 2 1/2. I am super-pleased with the corners:

oh, happy corners

Being as this quilt might end up going to a baby, I backed it with a sweet, cozy flannel. Again, I made pockets for hanging it with a dowel, using the same flannel:

pockets for dowels

I'm not sure this is a palette I would normally use, but it's kinda refreshing to slowly branch out a bit. It's rainbow-y without strictly adhering to ROYGBIV.



Holli said...

I love this more than I can say! If you ever want to sell it, please consider letting me know.

Well done,

Ms. Knitpicky said...

This is SO ridiculously pretty. Great job!

Hollie said...

This is awesome! You have the most amazing prints in this quilt!