snapshots of color

Oh, color! So juicy! So happy-making! I love playing with it. I love to surround myself with it. It just makes everything better.
At the moment I'm also enjoying the immediacy of using my phone's camera to take snapshots as I go about my day, then taking those snapshots and processing them with Instragram or other apps with fun filters. I'm growing more comfortable with the idea of using these snapshots on the blog. Sometimes a blog post is just that, isn't it? Just a quick snapshot of life. I don't have the energy to write lengthy detailed blog posts about whatever I'm working on or to bang out project upon project and give myself tons of material. So little pops of color, snippets of current inspiration, and WIPs will have to do, and I am actually pretty happy that.

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Seanna Lea said...

I think the little snapshots are in some ways better for me. It helps me break away from copying others and being more creative in my own right.