balls in the air

yet another bungting quilt
Right now, I've got a ton of balls in the air (heh). Trying to focus on one thing at a time is futile though it's what I would prefer to do. I am trying to learn the art of successfully multitasking, or more specifically, successfully multitasking without feeling like my head's been run through a wringer at the end of the day. Tomorrow, I'll be 29 weeks pregnant. I'm trying to shake off the exhaustion that comes with that because holy cow there is so much to do and so much to finish. So I'm marking it - from this point on, I am only going to finish whatever's in the works. No new projects until I can cross a few things off my list. Or so I'm telling myself....

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cameron said...

Congratulations! That is one of the subtlest pregnancy announcements I've heard in all my years of blog readin'. Also, I love your quilts. And your blog.