This year's crop of dahlias.
I have neglected the dahlias this year. I picked up tubers at the last possible moment, at which point all they had left were this pink variety and some red ones. I think I grabbed all they had left because I wanted a very full garden. I also had a few tubers that survived the winter in the basement, but I didn't label them like I usually do so we had no idea what was what. Matt planted them while I directed, taller varieties in the back, smaller in the front. The unlabeled ones went in the back just in case they were the huge purple ones that grow so well here. I staked them once, only reinforcing before the mega-storm. Thankfully, all the rain we had this summer has made for a happy, healthy crop of dahlias because really I have made no effort to ensure that on my own. We have dozens and dozens in the garden now. They are making their way into our home - and into our friends' and families' homes, too. And really, I love them so.

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Melissa said...

I love dahlias too - I think they're my favorite :)