hello, stranger

photos by Brandy Fortune ©2011

So a few things have happened since we last spoke. Let's see.... I've got a project tutorial in the latest issue of Petite Purls for some playful rattles. Brandy and Allegra put together such an adorable and totally fabulous Summer edition of Petite Purls, and I am honored to be included in the special all-toy edition of this great online publication.

9-patch picnic blanket

I am also scheduled to teach a 2-session 9-patch picnic blanket class at gather here, which is super-exciting. I am thrilled to join Virginia and the rest of the awesome crafty folks at gather here on July 5th and 19th for what will be a super-fun class.

I am working on other projects, too, including bee blocks that I am embarrassingly late with,  blocks for a throw for our sofa, some gifts for friends, and new softie designs (which I hope to unveil VERY soon). And oh yeah, there's been a lot of this, too:

playing in the sand

Seriously, so much sand! And I am not a fan of the sand. Oh, the sacrifices we make! Heh! Hope you are all having a wonderful summer so far!


cauchy09 said...

congrats on the publications and the teaching! now i really want to play in some muddy sand. hmm... gotta find my pail.

jess said...

ooh. i wish i could take your 9-patch class!

grumperina said...

That's so exciting about the classes at Gather Here! The softies in Petite Purls are absolutely adorable!