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We took a spontaneous little trip to Cape Cod for a couple of days. I had never been there before, and Matt thought it would be great to go in the off-season. It was so wonderful. We strolled on a few beaches and hiked along a trail. We ran into a fox that darted out in front of us and sat perfectly posed about 10 feet away from us watching as I pulled the camera out of my bag only to scamper away as soon as I took the lens cap off. We came across a gorgeous marsh with a chorus of hundreds of wee frogs at sunset. We waited for the wild turkey to cross the road. We let the kiddo walk along the shore, saw a whale in the distance doing its whale thang (which was kinda amazing), played with shells and pebbles, and ate the most fabulous crab cakes. If this is a taste of what this summer might hold, I am so looking forward to it.

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Melissa said...

Aww, so glad you had a nice weekend! I heard on the news recently that there were tons of whales down there. How cool!