the knit parade - snuggly snug

the kiddo in his Snug

pattern: Snug
designer: hinke
yarn: Quince & Co. Osprey in Chanterelle
needles: Addi Turbo 32 inch circs in US size 10.5
modifications: knit at a larger gauge and some quick, basic math (see last paragraph for the whole shebang)

This is truly the quickest, easiest, yet one of the most clever patterns I have knit to date. I love the design - there's some neat construction in there. And the instructions are so clear and concise! Love it! Because the kiddo was almost nine months when I finally got around to casting on for this, I had to make a few mods since the pattern is sized for a newborn - 6 month old. I went up a few needle sizes, used a heavier yarn, and tweaked the numbers ever so slightly (more on the numbers further below). The resulting sweater is a little big on him right now, but it will probably last him through next winter. The funny thing is that when I finished knitting the sweater about a week after I cast on, it fit him just right. The sleeves were a little long, but they were meant to be worn rolled up anyway. When I blocked it about a month later, the sweater really grew a few sizes. All the glorious garter stitch stretched like crazy adding a couple of inches here and a couple of inches there. Not a bad thing considering that I was worried that it might just fit him as I had let it languish for a month (maybe just a little more). The kiddo is swimming in it, but the effect is kind of adorable.

Snug (aerial view)
Lazy-ass knitter that I am, I let it hang around for yet another couple of weeks awaiting buttons. I even went and found the perfect buttons for it. See?

Snug - detail
I am so not a fan of these little finishing details. Projects amass in a huge pile o' knit stuff before I suck it up and get on with the weaving in of ends and button-attaching and seam-sewing and crap like that. I try to be good about it, but really, I am just the worst. I even outsourced some seam-sewing to Stacie once while hanging out with her because I flaked on myself. That's right. I flaked on myself. I had been meaning to seam those dang arms for over a month, but by that point I knew it just wasn't going to happen because I couldn't seem to get it done.

hanging in his Snug
So yeah, it's a good thing that this little sweater grew. Good on that garter stitch, and good on that wonderful yarn. Quince & Co.'s Osprey is just the squishiest, loveliest stuff to knit with. It's so perfect for snuggly baby sweaters. I love squeezing the dense fabric the Osprey + garter combo created. Even better when it's on the kiddo. So much squishy goodness going on there!

wary of so much garter stitch

As for those mods, I just increased stitches accordingly in increments of four. For example, I cast on 40 instead of 32 (8 stitches increased). Where it says knit 20, I knit 24. I put 16 stitches on scrap yarn instead of 12. When picking up for the front flaps & hood, I picked up 40 from each side and 60 from the back for a total of 140 working stitches. I kinda winged the measurements. Instead of knitting 2 inches in garter at the beginning there, I knit 3 inches. I made the sleeves 8 inches long instead of 6 inches. It was all pretty basic and intuitive stuff. It worked! Hooray! One more sweater for the kiddo!


Stephanie said...

Such cuteness!!! Finn looks so happy and cozy in it.

Sue said...

Oh it is truly adorable and your little man looks like the perfect model!

Kasia said...

Simply beautiful and your Little One looks so adorable!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, LOOK at him! Nom nom nom cute baby goodness. (Also, the sweater rocks.)

Anonymous said...

This Snug really compliments and augments his extreme cuteness.

Jodi said...

Super, super cute! Very cozy looking, and I love the buttons you picked out.

That said, I tried that pattern a couple of years ago, and it put my head in knots. Maybe it's time to try again?

Bertha said...

Oh my goodness, this came out so, so cute! I love the old man sweater buttons!

Melissa said...

It's so cute! I love it. And oh how I envy your ability to outsource seaming. :)