spontaneous color

Ellsworth Kelly quilt - close-up
It feels like forever since I've sewn anything. I've been itching for the stitching so badly. I have a bunch of bee blocks to finish, but feeling slightly rusty as I do, I decided to hone my skills and simultaneously exorcise myself of this insane and pressing need to make a quilt inspired by these Ellsworth Kelly paintings. Thanks to a conversation with Matt and the delightful evils of pinterest, I hatched up this crazy plan to make a bunch of quilts inspired by modern & contemporary art. Everyone has their project for the year, be it a year in photos or some group thing or whatnot. This is going to be my project. Originally, I wanted to do a quilt a month, but realistically speaking my time is way more limited these days so that plan might not work. I'll play it by ear and see what I can do.

Funny thing about the process - sewing this made me appreciate all the things I love about sewing. It reignited my passion. It reinforced the sweet satisfaction of perfect corners and reminded me of the simple loveliness of a fresh needle running through fabric. It's so wonderful to just get lost in the process of making something for a moment. And it's so rewarding to look at what you're making and enjoy how it's turning out. I love everything about this. (Well, maybe I need a better iron, but that's another story....)

This top, which has survived iron vomit (which made me flip my shit like a crazy person  - I mean, really, tears were shed, panic ensued, it was nuts), coffee (I was apparently on a roll), and baby drool (the least offensive of all three substances), is this close to being done - I just need to add a white border. I'm debating whether to make it 2 inches or 4. As it is, the top is 64 x 64 inches, which I think is the biggest size I have worked with yet. I'm excited to finally make a big quilt. I'm hoping to finish it some time in the next few weeks. I'm not fond of sewing at night because the light here is not ideal and my eyes get tired, but I am looking forward to finishing this piece because I can tell I am going to love the hell out of it.

Ellsworth Kelly quilt - spontaneous color


Jessica said...

Love all the colors and the solids! Great job!

Heather said...

amaaaazing quilt!!!! i LOVE IT!!! seriously. this has kind of sort of made me want to sew, where there was no desire before. amazing!

Bertha said...

Holy SHIT.

Passionate Blogger said...

Very interesting ensemble - it looks like something from the computer screen. Can't find the exact words... very creative design!

Sarah said...

This is maybe my favorite thing that you've ever made and I love all your stuff like crazy! So spectacular!

Silka said...

i found your blog through the Friends of Purl list and i'm so glad i did! this quilt is so beautiful! i've been looking for a simple colorful quilt idea, and taking inspiration from those paintings? genius! can't wait to see what's next!