night time is the right time...

...for a little stealth crafting. Every night when the kiddo goes to sleep, I get to knit, and let me tell you, I am relishing every stitch. I'm hoping in the next hour to get him in bed and to put on Law & Order and finish this hat because I would love for him to wear it to the kiddies' tea party we're going to in a couple of days. For the record, this is no relation to that tea party - this is the kind where pretend tea is served to the wee ones and adults get to have actual tea or perhaps other beverages. Just wanted to be clear about that. Ahem.

Also on deck is this:
last minute madness
It goes without saying that I'm nuts, but this begs the question just how nuts. Why? Because I plan to have it done in the next 2 days. Or something like that. Heh. I'll settle for just finishing the top. It's going to be small. It's just a lap quilt. I think I can manage it. Only one way to find out. Let me get at it!

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grumperina said...

Very "Maritza" colors in that lap quilt :).