size matters

The blanket is now 8 squares x 8 squares, or more specifically, 28 inches square. I was hoping to get a couple of rows in yesterday, but it turned out to be a ridiculously busy day. I was too tired out at night to even think of crochet. I'm trying to make up for lost time today. I'm thinking of making the blanket 10 x 12 instead of 8 x 9 now. At 28 inches square, even with a border I don't think it will be big enough. I'd rather err on the side of caution and make a larger blanket than a small one that I have to stretch the bejeezus out of just so it comes close to the dimensions I originally intended. So I need to make 40 more circles today. Gah.


Elinor said...

But it will be the most beautiful blanket in the history of ever. I WISH I could do stuff like this. It will be worth it in the end because it is gorgeous.

grumperina said...

This is so gorgeous! You will not regret going bigger, I don't think.