head-over-heels for handspun

Do you have a hankering for some handspun yarn? Have you seen Stacie's shop yet? No? Go there. Now. You will love it. Stacie spins some amazing stuff, and dude, she is a prolific spinner. She has spun tons of fiber (gorgeous stuff, too, like Hello Yarn & Spunky Eclectic & Southern Cross Fibre) and has decided to make it available for us non-spinners to buy and to have and to hold and to love and to cherish and to use for knitting awesome stuff. The yarn in the photo above is some fantastic Hello Yarn Corriedale that she spun in a sport weight in a colorway called Thrive, and it is all mine.

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knithound brooklyn said...

You just got one of the most popular and highly coveted of all Hello Yarn colorways. Good you.