squirrely fun!

Squirrel Sampler Mittens by HelloYarn

Lately, I haven't had much of a chance to knit. My hands have been extremely busy doing the softie thing for the last month with little room for anything else. However, now that the Bazaar Bizarre is done and over with *huge sigh of relief* and that the shop is fully stocked for the holidays, I can finally get to knitting again. Trust, this is a great thing because there are a ton of things I want to knit, starting with Adrian's delightful Squirrel Sampler Mittens which she will be releasing for sale on her blog and through ravelry some time this week. I'm a little tardy to the party with the testing, but I was able to finish one and hope to have its mate finished by the end of this week. I *love* these mittens so freaking much, it is ridiculous. Check out the pattern on the palm:

Squirrel Sampler Mittens by HelloYarn

Isn't it wonderful? I just love it to bits! Adrian is brilliant. She is totally the mitten-master.

Squirrel Sampler Mittens by HelloYarn
Squirrel Sampler Mittens by HelloYarn

Now for some basic info about these.... I used Harrisville Designs New England Shetland in Peacock and Marigold for the mittens at a gauge of 8 stitches and 10 rows per inch on US size 0s. For the lining, I used Misti Alpaca lace 2-ply in some purple color at a gauge of 8 stitches and 11 rows per inch on US size 0s. Oh, did I mention that they're lined?

Yep. Love, love, love!!! I need to finish the second one stat!


knithound brooklyn said...

brilliant color choices! Love yours.

jane said...

Great mittens. These mittens have my favourite squirrels on them. I can't wait to knit them.

Jenifer said...

Wonderful mittens! Such great color and design inside and out!

craftoholic said...

I've been eyeing these on rav, they are so so cute! Love the acorns on the other side.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Oh yikes that lining just sets the whole thing into massive overdrive!! Love these, Maritza.

Nantucket Dreams said...

these rock!!! i love the squirrel and your color choices are amazing!