it's in the wee things

I have never been too particular about the design of my knitty notions. As long as they were practical and functional, I was happy. After seeing the contents of Adrian's knitting bag, I began to rethink this stance. If you sneak a peek inside my bag, most of the stuff in there is pretty utilitarian. I use Altoids tins to carry safety pins, markers, and plain ol' tape measures. I've also got a lot of scraps of yarn and ball bands and old raffle tickets and crap. Ahem.

You would figure that with all the cute Japanese fabrics I have, I would make myself some adorable little notions pouch or bag or whatnot. Well, I took some of that delightful fabric and asked the brilliantly talented Caro to do it instead because she is a total pro. And dude, she rocked it! The wee pouch and wee box bag she made me are fabulous:

But you all know, I am a huge fan of Caro's work. New to me, however, was karatstix. After seeing her adorable gauges in Adrians's photo, I immediately checked out her shop, which is the same thing everyone else who saw Adrian's photo must have done because her shop had been picked clean in a matter of hours. After checking out her past sales and seeing some gauges she had made with a teeny herding dog, I placed an order for a set of custom gauges with a wee Malachi herding sheep:

Dude, can I tell you how much I love these gauges and the matching stitch markers? They are so sweet! Karatstix is all sorts of awesome! So now I'm all set - my notions have been infused with some wee cuteness.


caro said...

I firmly believe that the tools you use can be equally as beautiful as the end product being knit (or crocheted.) I'm honoured to have been chosen. Mwah!

Sarah said...

those are pretty awesome notions holders
especially love the sheepies!