i know what bees like

When we first started gardening upon moving to Cambridge 3 years ago, Matt intentionally chose flowers for the front garden that would attract bees and butterflies, like beebalm and sunflowers. Since then, our little garden has grown; we've added a variety of other plants and flowers, including coneflowers and my accidental planting of some drumstick allium bulbs (thinking they were narcissus), which the bees seem to especially love, contributing to this bee-feast. There are dozens and dozens of bumble bees, honey bees, and all sorts of bees buzzing about doing their bee thang in this front garden. Seeing the crazy amounts of bee activity of the last couple of days, it has finally dawned on me - we have a bee garden. And this gives me a little bit o' joy.


The A.D.D. Knitter said...

That is so cool, Maritza! I love bees as well and have only a few bee-attracting plants in my garden, but must remember to correct this next spring.

Meredith C. said...

I have a bee garden too! They especially love the lavender and oregano flowers right now, and are crazy for anything in the mint family. Yay bees!!!

tiennie said...

I love all the sounds of buzzing bees. I'm so allergic but I love seeing them buzzing around!