Sheltie of a Triangle

pattern: Shetland Triangle, from Wrap Style
designer: Evelyn A. Clark
yarn: Single Ply Artisan Merino & Silk blend by Ball and Skein
needles: Addi Lace #1
modifications: read on

It is done, it is blocked, and I am extremely satisfied. As I mentioned in my previous post, instead of using the size 6 needles the pattern calls for, I used 1s to get a denser knit and a smaller shawl. However, I was afraid of just how teeny this was pre-blocking. It measured 30 inches wide by about 20 inches long. After blocking, it grew to 48 inches by 26, which is enough to wrap comfortably around my neck in a jaunty fashion:

This is exactly what I wanted from this knit. It's lovely and lacy, but not too gauzy. Because the yarn is a single-ply silky merino (in a juicy shade of green by Ball & Skein), it has a slight, subtle nap that lends itself perfectly to the pattern. Overall, I am seriously in love. I'm hoping tomorrow will be as crisp as today so I can wear this out!

124::365 - close-up of the Shetland Triangle


Greeley said...

Lovely! You rock the teal, as usual.

Anonymous said...

It is GORGEOUS. I've been reading you for a while & while I'm not so talented a knitter as you...your work inspires me! Thanks.

grumperina said...

Oh - 48" x 26" is totally legit! I love scarves this size: warm, but not overwhelming. Beautiful way to use that yarn!

knithound brooklyn said...

Came out great, but what is Mali going to wear now that you absconded with this?!

tiennie said...

So glad that it came out to being the size you wanted! It turned out so pretty!

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

So, so jaunty! Seeing it on the smaller needles makes me want to give it a whirl at that gauge as well:)