what did you say? crochet??? no way!

pattern: Thorpe
designer: Kirsten at Through the Loops
yarn: pigeonroof studios worsted weight handspun in Winterberry
needles: 16 inch circs in US #8
modifications: I knit the crown to 88 stitches (instead of 80) because I was using a smaller needle size knit at an almost comparable gauge (just a tiny bit smaller). When knitting the earflaps, I knit over 16 stitches for each (instead of 14) in order to accommodate all those extra stitches. It fits like a dream!

Ever knock out a project in a day or two only to let it languish because you just can't bring yourself to take care of those finishing details, like say, crocheting an edge around it? I am such a slacker when it come to those things, as evinced by the fact that it took me two years to get around to sewing some darn buttons on a pair of socks. I had been meaning to knit myself a Thorpe ever since I first saw Mr. brooklyntweed's, but I was being picky about the yarn I would use for it. As soon as I got my hands on some lovely pigeonroof handspun in a worsted weight, I knew I had to make it. Last week, slightly sick of sock-knitting, I cast on and nearly finished my Thorpe in one go. Then came the time for the crochet edge, and I waited... and waited... and like the super-procrastinator I can be, waited some more. Why? Because I was afraid to crochet that edge. Which is really truly silly. I like crochet. Or rather, I like crocheted projects, but my few attempts at it have been nothing short of sucktastic. So finally, last night, I bit the bullet and went in and crocheted that edge. And you know what? I rather like it. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be (super-easy, in fact), and I am pretty pleased with the way it looks:

And Malachi approves! Now off to crochet myself a hexagon blanket! Or, you know, baby steps on my way there....


grumperina said...

It looks so good! Worth the wait!

Salihan said...

Gorgeous! Glad you didn't wait too long to finish this hat. ;)

tiennie said...

I loves your thorpe! It is so purty.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

You and I must be sharing a brain, because I just finished my own Thorpe in some Pigeon Roof Hand spun and was at the LYS getting the owner to give me a mini crochet refresher!! Your edge is stupendous, I'm super impressed:)

Crafty and Crap said...

Shelties make the best models.. I should know, I do the same to my two :)