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Koigu Skeinlets - souvenier

Tired, busy, distracted, but buzzing about whipping up stuff for the shop and all. Hence, no cowlie goodness to share right now; even cutting and pasting my ravelry info about them seems like work right now. So here! Look at the pretty-pretty that I managed to get my hands on while at Rosie's Yarn Cellar in Philadelphia over the weekend. They have baskets full of leftover bits of Koigu (from miter blankets that they knit up for the shop, it appears) that they have re-skeined and sell priced by the ounce. And I'm not the only one who walked away with a buttload of these. check out Julie's lovely little collection! Love it! Cowl details tomorrow. Until then.... Look at my pretty!


Alice said...

So so awesome. Jealous does not even describe how I feel right now!

What will they all become?

maryse said...

like candy

craftoholic said...