i said i wouldn't but i did

mama blue yarns

Mama Blue Knitting Goods
top: Sea Merino in Aquae
bottom: Troika in Pistachio

Okay, I know I said my plan was to knit through my stash and not buy any more yarn for another year or two. I am weak. I couldn't help but add these beauties to the stash. I swear this is such beautiful stuff, I have been oohing and ahhing since I got it a few days ago. I cannot stop petting it and hugging it and squishing it (yeah, it's really bringing out the Lenny in me). My goodness, it even smells good. For reals! I'm in awe. What lovely stuff this is! Okay, I'm off to finish a couple more projects so that I can cast on for something in these ASAP.


marisa said...

Augh, I know! I JUST wrote a blog entry like three days ago saying how I was feeling like I had too much unknitted yarn lying around and I wanted it all to become beautiful garments...and then I bought eight skeins of Araucania. And learned to spin. What sweet torture this hobby is!

Shawna said...

ppfffttt! i do the same thing all the time! i see a gorgeous yarn (or two or three) and i can't pass them up. i have yet to try mama blue, but i really want to. her colorways are lovely:o)

Steph said...

Well, who can blame you, those colors are incredible!

MRS MJW said...

ahhh...what pretty yarn...reminds me of the ocean.