don't forget to bring a cowl*

don't forget to bring a cowl

k1,p1 over 100 stitches
designer: none (well, me, kind of, but really, this is the most basic pattern in the world)
yarn: one skein of Koigu KPM in 1515-29
needles: Crystal Palace US#7 circs, 16 inches

Like Ms. Frick and Melissa, I too seem to have a thing for green cowls, my latest pictured in the photo above. This one fits a little better than the stumpy cowl, hugging my neck a little tighter and preventing any chilly breeze from whisking in. I just used the most basic cowl recipe ever - I cast on 100 stitches and knit 1, purl 1 until I ran out of yarn. So easy, and so fast! I started Tuesday night and finished Thursday.

reluctant dog models a cowl

What do you think of the cowl, Mali?

"Why do you do this to me? Swathe me in a green knit babushka then post the photo on your blog for all to see? Surely there must be some sort of law against this kind of treatment of animals. If not, then I am hoping for some karmic retribution here."

*The reference in the title is to this South Park episode, in case you're curious or just feel like watching it again.


Meg said...

ha ha, that picture of the cowl on the dog is too funny. I've tried to jauntily drape my scarves as I knit on my dachshund, he is not amused.

melissa said...

i love this cowl - it's the perfect shade of green! the 1x1 rib shows off the yarn's subtleties nicely as well.

Melissa said...

Awe, Mali looks too cute! I miss him!

kris said...

that is just beautiful! the colour is perfect. i'm afraid i'm going to have to steal this design from you!