the liberated single sock

single liberated sock - handspun and lovely

The liberated single sock is free. She answers to no one but herself. She is strong and confident, colorful and vibrant. She is bold and not afraid to be so. She may be alone, but she is never lonely. She is not looking for a partner; she is not waiting for her "Big" to come along. She is her own sock, and she is happy that way.

That, and she has a fabulous "Eye of Partridge" heel - or at least my version of it (how I more or less remembered it when it was explained to me once):

single liberated sock - handspun and lovely

And a round toe, of course:

single liberated sock - handspun and lovely

I think I just knit my most favorite sock ever. These are never coming off my feet once they are finished. (Well, okay, they'll come off my feet before they get funky, but you know, hyperbole hyperbole and all.)

P.S. - To see other socks that are part of the Single Sock Liberation Movement, look here.


melissa said...

that is one pretty sock! i just knit my first eye of partridge heel, and there is something incredibly pleasing about it, no?

Keri said...

See? Now this is why I want to learn to knit. So I can knit pretty socks like these. Very lovely.

Diana @ Photodee said...

Isn't Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop Yarn the best??!! I am in love with it too! Nice job on your socks!